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National Liberal Party   
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Statutes and Principles    

Article I
Lebanon is a democratic, parliamentary republic enjoying complete sovereignty.

Article II
Lebanon's relations with other countries are based on the following:
Its membership in the United Nations.
Its membership in the Arab League.

Article III
In international relations, Lebanon adheres to the United Nations Charter and to the fulfillment of its obligation to that organization and both to participate and benefit from the peaceful humanitarian cooperation provided within the framework of the Charter. Lebanon lays special emphasis on maintaining the closest relations with friendly countries and in particular those with substantial communities of Lebanese emigrants.
Article III The primary allegiance of the Lebanese is to their own country, in its existing borders, and as an independent Arab country enjoying complete sovereignty. Their faith in the independent entity of Lebanon stems from the following:

A- The attachment to the traditions that have enabled the Lebanese, despite their limited number and the small area of their country, to stand together in the face of repeated aggressions and to maintain the special character of their nation which includes the following: their unwavering faith in their convictions, their emphasis on a religious upbringing and family life, their belief in individual enterprise, cooperation, tolerance, freedom and a common aim towards a better life.
B- The application of modern technology and ideas in the fields of education, socio-economic development, health and other related fields in order to achieve the Lebanese goal of prosperity and happiness in a safer, better world.

Article VI
The Party believes in the freedom of the individual, a freedom only limited by responsibilities towards the community and the respect of the rights of others. The Party defends democratic rule based on law and order against all oppression, dictatorial rule or anarchy. Article VII
The party opposes all sectarian, racial, separatist or feudal policies and insists on national unity, complete equality in rights and obligations between all Lebanese with no distinction between them except in their capabilities to contribute to the country's welfare.

Article VIII
The Party places particular importance on the role that the younger generation must play in Lebanon's society and its development. The Party strives to provide the younger generation with all the means to enable it to achieve its aims. This particularly applies in the field of education and the application of modern methods to it, and in cultural development open to both East and West within the framework of individual freedom and responsibility towards the interests of Lebanon.
The Party adopts the principle of free education, at all levels, and the development of vocational training in order to provide the greatest opportunities for all Lebanese.

Article IX
In the fields of social development and economy, the Party strives to apply the principle of genuine social justice in order to reinforce and raise the standards of living of the productive elements in the country and encourages individual entreprise, respect for private property and the principle of equal opportunities for all Lebanese.

Article X
The Party is working on an overall plan for the most effective use of Lebanon's natural resources -- hydraulic, agricultural, forestry, mineral, marine and tourism -- as well as the industrial development of the country, the protection of local industry within the framework of the country's natural resources without adversely affecting free trade and the interests of the consumer. The Party also aims at improving the standard of living of the rural community.

Article XI
The Party encourages the investment of capital by Lebanese emigrants, Arabs and foreigners in Lebanon as well as the preservation of freedom of action in monetary and commercial matters within the respect of the law and the enhancement of trade with Arab and foreign countries on the basis of reciprocity.

Article XII
The Party endeavors to improve all aspects of the public administration in order to improve its services to the nation.

Article XIII
The Party believes in the need to reinforce the independence of the Lebanese judicial system and its protection from any interference or exploitation in order to enable it to serve the people in a just and effective manner.

Article XIV
The Party works for closer ties between Lebanese emigrants and their mother country. It encourages them to maintain their genuine Lebanese traditions, to return to Lebanon, to preserve all their rights as Lebanese and to play their part in the development of the country.

Article XV
The Party believes in the mobilization of all human and spiritual resources for the fulfillment of its objectives.